Nkansa was a General and warrior in the eastern part of the then Gold Coast from a tribe known as KROBO, when there was no war to be fought, he and his men camped at a place near the present site of ROYAL SENCHI for hunting and fishing purposes. One day they saw some hunters of the Akan tribe with their leader, known as Ntow Abasaa of SADWUMASE.
The two leaders, General Nkansa and Ntow Abasaa introduced themselves to each other and agreed between themselves that in order to avoid accidental shootings of each other’s hunters none of them should cross the river lying between their respective hunting grounds and that even when one’s hunters shot an animal which crossed the river and later died in the other’s hunting land, the original shooter should not cross the river to collect the dead game.
Thus an agreement was constituted at the river boundary and the river was in consequence named NSU-HYIE (i.e. river boundary). Due to this gentle agreement, both tribes lived in peace until the death of the two leaders who constituted the agreement 60 years later.
During a hunting trip one fateful day, a hunter from SADWUMASE shot and injured an antelope, despite its injury the antelope crawled to General Nkansa’s end of the river boundary before giving up the will to live. The hunter who had hunted for days in the bush without a kill considered carefully the thought of going home to family with nothing.
He dared across the river boundary and stood by the lifeless body of the antelope, unknown to him a hunter from KROBO tribe was observing the situation, just as he bent to pick the animal, the hunter who had been observing the situation shot and killed the hunter from SADWUMASE, he went closer picked up the antelope and left the scene quietly.
Many days Later the lifeless body of the hunter from SADWUMASE was discovered and conveyed back to his family. The death of the hunter sparked a rage among his kinsmen, thus a plan was hatched, no one will rest until they have had their own pound of flesh.
During the next hunting trip, the hunters from SADWUMASE crossed NSU-HYIE (i.e. river boundary) laid ambush and killed a hunter from KROBO tribe. This reprisal attack marked the end of peace and a declaration of war between the two tribes.
The legend of General’s Nkansa’s Armor was re-opened, the story of the prowess of the armor was told, it was said that whoever wears the armor had the power to go across the battlefield unseen(invincible) and cannot be stopped by neither bullets nor matchet.
Since the death of the General no one has set eyes on the armor, it is believed that it is buried deep in the dungeons of the eastern holospace in a geographical location which can only be found in the then Gold coast currently Ghana.
Twelve Warriors have been selected by the King of the KROBO’s with one mission, to find the General’s Armor and guarantee their people victory. If in thirteen days they do not return, the fate of their tribe’s men will be decided on a level playing ground at the battle of Royal Senchi

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