For nine years, the Council of Elders of EWELAND has been searching for a young prince who mysteriously disappeared with a mystical staff. The staff which is regarded as the staff of State of EWE KINGDOM is an all powerful African mystical staff found centuries ago by some African Hunters.

The Hunters who stumbled upon the staff on a Hunting expedition made a journey to the then EWELAND in the gold coast, where it was handed over to King Agokoli IV who later found out about the powers the staff possessed. It is said that anyone who holds the Staff wills the power to unleash untold terror on who ever crossed his path.

King Agokoli IV afraid the staff could end up in wrong hands one day handed it over to his heir secretly to dispose of it. The young prince engraved and buried the magnificent and all powerful mystical staff somewhere in the West of Gold coast now Ghana, the prince never returned until this day.

It has been rumored that the staff was buried somewhere on the out skirt of TAFI – ATOME monkey sanctuary, Rumors are circulating about the recent discovery of a trail that leads to a royal regalia belonging to the young prince, somewhere east of the rocking bridge leading to the Sanctuary.

The Council is once again threatened; they must find the legendary mystical staff before it falls in the wrong hands. It is rumored that inside the royal regalia lies a map that leads to the location of the lost staff.

The Council of Elders of the state of EWE KINGDOM has summoned the people of the state; a handsome reward has been announced to be received by whoever is brave enough to go in search of the lost staff.

Eleven brave volunteers must go back to TAFI- ATOME monkey sanctuary where they must find clues that will help them find the lost staff, they will go through the most daring and treacherous tests ever witnessed in human history.

The volunteers will be guided by a Gatekeeper; they must battle against each other and the jungle for many days. The mission is to search, locate and return the mystical staff to King Agokoli’s PALACE. The Staff is the symbol of greatness and leadership only meant to be held by heirs to the throne of EWE KINGDOM.

About Adventure Ghana

The production of the TV series which is expected to last for Two and the half years will be produced across the ten regions of Ghana

The adventure Ghana TV concept and series has been well planned as an innovative initiative to creatively promote Ghana’s heritage and tourism. 

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